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UV Sterilizer Box

Weight 0.37 kg
Dimensions 226 × 125 × 53 mm
Model NO.


Description of Goods

UV Disinfection Box




ABS w/ 50mm thickness


DC 5V/2A

Charging Method:

USB Charging


1W/2W/9W for incense/disinfection/maximum power

UV Light

UV led bead or UV lamp

Disinfection Rate


Disinfection Time

5 Minutes

Price range $9.00 – $20.00. Monthly production: 100000 PCS.

Details about UV Sterilizer Box

Popular LED light Cabinet Multi-Function Disinfection Box Cell Phone UV Sterilizer Box, UV BOX, Sterilizer.

Why do you need a UV Sterilizer Box?

1. Efficient Sterilization – 360° circulation disinfection, ozone free & harmless. With UV-C lamps short wavelength of 253.7nm, it is up to 99.9% effective rate of disinfection & cleaning

2. Aromatherapy Function – Works with an aromatherapy diffuser. Simply add a couple of your favorite essential oils (not included) drops into the hole,  your phone will freshen after cleaning.

3. Large Space – Disinfection box can be compatible with Cell phones up to 6.6 inches for both iPhone & Android such as Huawei P30 Pro, P30, P20 Pro, iPhone X/XS/XR/XS Max, Samsung Galaxy S7,  Note 5, etc. Also available for other small objects like Bluetooth earphones, masks, watches, toys, pacifiers, eyeglasses, keys, jewelry, etc.

4. Portable & Easy Operation -The compact design makes it easy to carry on the go. It is powered by a USB charger for a laptop, desktop, or power bank. Put the smartphone into the box case, touch the button, you will get a clean one after 5 minutes.

5. Safe & Power Saving Design – No liquid, heat, or chemicals is used in the box, it’s absolutely safe to clean anything that will fit inside!


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