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Electric Toothbrush Spare Parts

Model NO.



Electric Toothbrush Head

Available Model


Bristles Hardness

Soft, Medium, Hard


Black / White


for Oral Care

Price range $1.00 – $20.00. Monthly production: 100000 PCS.

Details about Electric Toothbrush Spare Parts

Standard Hardness POM Toothbrush Head For Adult Toothbrush, Kids Electric Toothbrush Head, Sonic Electric Toothbrush Head, IPX7 Waterproof FoodGrade Electric Toothbrush Head, China wholesale custom OEM rechargeable oral automatic electric toothbrush head.

  • Dupont bristles, M shaped teeth.
  • Intelligent Ultrasonic, high frequency clean;
  • Innovative sonic bristles implant technique;
  • Bristle: Dupont Nylon bristles, 90% End-rounded technique.

Electric rechargeable toothbrush head, Kids sonic toothbrush head, Kids smart automatic electric toothbrush head, Sonicare toothbrush head, personal care electric toothbrush head.


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