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Automatic Alcohol Dispenser YK-AD03

Weight 0.23 kg
Dimensions 75 × 55 × 90 mm
Model NO.


Description of Goods

Auto Alcohol Dispense






1800mAh lithium battery

Charging Method

USB Charging


DC 5V/1A

Bottle Capacity


Disinfection Time

15 seconds to clean hands, phones.

Suitable Places

Home, office, school, hotel, restaurant, etc.

Price range $9.00 – $20.00. Monthly production: 100000 PCS.

Details about Automatic Alcohol Dispenser YK-AD03

Automatic Sensor Alcohol StandingTtouchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Spray Dispenser

Why do you need an Automatic Alcohol Dispenser?

1. Auto Infrared Sprayer – Intelligent infrared induction, nanoscale microporous atomization. Spray out the atomized solution (such as alcohol) from sterilizer, through touchless induction (sensing distance<4.73inch), avoid cross-infection, achieve fast and convenient disinfection.

2.  Intelligent Chip Control – Once the object is sensed, it will continue to provide 15 seconds of spray. Safe, energy-saving, and effective comprehensive disinfection at the same time.

3. Eco-Friendly & Rechargeable – ABS material, leak-proof design are safe to use without any worry.  USB rechargeable battery, long standby time, and automatic shutdown after 24 hours, can be used for 3-5 days on a single charge.

4. Easy to Carry & Use – Adopting a transparent bottom case, we can monitor the solution usage at any time.  The bottle and sprayer can be removed and separated for easy filling and cleaning. Press the power button to turn on shortly (the blue light is on); Press the switch twice to turn off.  Rope design, hang freely. A lightweight and compact alcohol dispenser can be easily put into handbags.

5. Widely Used – Nano atomizing holes make it easier to disinfect and sterilize.  Automatic alcohol sterilizer is suitable for families, offices, restaurants, schools, hotels, shopping malls, factories, etc.

6. Warm Tips – 1. The sponge stick must be all wetted before use, otherwise, the liquid cannot be sprayed out;
2. If the amount of mist is small, you can try to loosen the container a little;
3.Alcohol is not included, you need to buy alcohol separately. It’s suitable for liquids such as alcohol disinfectant and hand disinfectant, and only for alcohol with a concentration of more than 75%. (The bottle capacity is 45mL)

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