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Is Ultrasonic Toothbrush the same as Sonic Items?

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We are different!”, both of them will shout out if they are able to speak as human beings.

Many people get confused about these 2 items when they are going to buy electric toothbrush no matter on stores or online, as they look similar on designs and appearance, even some toothbrush suppliers use word “Ultrasonic” as the description of sonic toothbrush on their sales advertisement. However, we have to mention that they are different in hearts.

Sonic toothbrush, just like its name that brushing in sonic technology, it brings sonic vibration at around 24,000~48,000 movements per minute to whip toothpaste into plaque fighting bubbles and drive them between teeth and clean along the gum line, the brushes movements are side to side and quick enough to produce a ‘humming’ sound those people could hear.

Ultrasonic toothbrush is unlike sonic item, it doesn’t rely on physical motion to clean which in ultrasound to remove plaque and bacteria at a very high vibration frequency. Let’s see its figures then we could understand it easily. Ultrasound brushes emit a wave of at least 2,400,000 movement per minute with 20,000Hz frequency that is beyond human hearings. Although ultrasonic items consider more powerful than sonic items, while most models still provide sonic vibration for plaque removal.

Advanced technology brought so many benefits and also changed our life, while no matter ultrasonic or sonic toothbrushes, don’t let them make you confused and waste so much time in choosing which one is better. Just choose a suitable item that could be easy to use and comfortable for your dental. Please remember that advanced technology is to make your life much easier and convenient but not complicated.

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