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Yes sure, the sample will be provided free of charge for quality evaluation, freight is collect. We are confident of what we can do for product quality and we can assure that our quality for each order is good enough and the defective percentage is much less than 3%.

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Is Ultrasonic Toothbrush the same as Sonic Items?

We are different!”, both of them will shout out if they are able to speak as human beings. Many people get confused about these 2 items when they are going to buy electric toothbrush no matter on stores or online, as they look similar on designs and appearance, even some toothbrush suppliers use word “Ultrasonic” as the description of sonic toothbrush on their sales advertisement. However, we have to mention that they are different in hearts. Sonic toothbrush, just like its name that brushing in sonic technology, it brings sonic vibration at around 24,000~48,000 movements per minute to whip toothpaste into plaque fighting bubbles and drive them between teeth and clean along the gum line, the brushes movements are side to side and quick enough to produce a ‘humming’ sound those people could hear. Ultrasonic toothbrush is unlike sonic item, it doesn’t rely on physical motion to clean which in

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What Your Toothbrush Is Trying to Tell You

Why do my toothbrush bristles always bend so fast? Many people meet the same issue in daily brushing routine. Dentist find that patients have a surprising amount of trouble brushing and flossing correctly. Dental hygiene is key to preventing dental problems like tooth decay, staining and gum disease, so be careful not to ignore certain warning signs from your main dental hygiene tool: your toothbrush! Nothing we’re going to mention below is a secret, but they might be something that you haven’t taken the time to consider in your daily dental hygiene routine. If your toothbrush is frayed… …It’s telling you it’s reached the end of its life, or at least it’s effectiveness. When used regularly and correctly, toothbrush bristles eventually start to bend and usually start looking frayed after around 3 months. A frayed toothbrush is much less effective at getting into hard-to-reach places (such as between teeth and

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3 Steps to Choose the Right Electric Toothbrush

“My gums get bleeding when brushing” some people say when they use electric toothbrushes. Research reports that choosing the right tooth brush is more important than brushing itself. Choosing a good quality and suitable toothbrush can be a difficult task since there are so many to choose from, so we have to put together a guide you can use when you’re out and getting an electric toothbrush for yourself and families. There are three steps which we feel you can go for when choosing the right one, it’s up to you to decide which features to choose based on your preference. Step 1: Choosing an electric toothbrush with changeable features. Generally, there are 3 kinds of brushes those people prefer more in the market those with 5 brushing modes, 3 brushing modes and single Clean mode only. 5 Working Modes Tooth Brushes: It comes with multifunctional options so that they

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